The Architects' Engineer

Our Mission

Our focus is on mechanical and electrical engineering while acknowledging a total building design and encouraging the use of sustainable practices and technologies.

Extraordinary Experiences

Established in 1996 by Elizabeth Gehring, PE, LEED AP, Gehring & Associates, Architectural Engineers, LLC is an architectural engineering firm based in Boulder, Colorado. 

Our knowledge includes all areas of building design such as Architecture, Civil, Structural, Energy, and Acoustical Engineering allowing us to effectively communicate and implement an Integrated Building Design. 

In recent years, this has led us into contributing to several high profile LEED certified projects for private, government and municipal clients pursuing Silver, Gold and Platinum certification.

Our Core Values

As architectural engineers we believe in:

Firm Background

Our service-based firm will provide clients with the personal service of engineering and project management that meets their expectations of schedule, budget, and project scope. We pride ourselves in designing innovative, cost effective, energy efficient and successfully integrated systems to create buildings of architectural importance. The founders have been practicing in Colorado and have made a permanent base here since 1989. Individually, we have served clients nationally from Washington, D.C. to San Francisco, CA and participate in industry and professional organizations.

A criterion in today’s building design market and more so in tomorrow’s economy, is energy efficiency. We have been stating this for the last 25 years and it is finally becoming a true design feature. In order to accomplish this, a building must have all of its systems working together. For example, successful daylighting encompasses the architect and illumination engineer working in concert with the mechanical engineer. 

Another example is passive solar heating, which can be utilized as maintenance-free and supplemental heating by combining the proper design techniques of the architect and mechanical engineer. Passive solar design can also be utilized concurrently with daylighting, thus utilizing the synergies of several disciplines. System-wide knowledge among each of the team disciplines results in the successful design and implementation of such buildings. 

As architectural engineers, we work as a partner in composing these conceptual designs and effectively bring such projects from ideas to success.

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