Net Zero Initiative Geothermal Heat Pump System

Project Name: Net Zero Initiative Geothermal Heat Pump System:
429 Spruce St., Boulder, CO
Owner: Bruce Oreck
Architect: Jim Logan
Mechanical Engineer: Gehring & Associates

Project Description: Mechanical and electrical engineering of Geothermal Heat Pump Design and Installation for 4,600 sf new residential construction.

Services Provided: Created construction documents for pursuit of pilot LEED Homes platinum certification. Project managed the geothermal loop field design and installation by a licensed drilling subcontractor.

System includes geothermal heat pump to provide radiant floor heating and forced air cooling from 2 units for 3 separate floors. Domestic water system is heated from use of a desuperheater of geothermal heat-pump and further boosted with an Air –Tap heat pump.

No fossil fuels are utilized in this demonstration home other than the fireplace. House includes 13KW PV solar system to be considered net zero and carbon neutral.